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Welcome to Netstream Online Services

Netstream Online Services is Smart Building Services' online meter data and reporting platform.

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Secure, reliable online access to your utility meter data

  • Access historical and current data
  • View interactive reports and understand your usage
  • Export data to Excel for flexible reporting
  • Multi-utility: electricity, gas, water and solar

Utility data reporting and analytics

  • See properties at multiple locations in one portfolio view
  • Optimise ongoing utility performance
  • Equitably bill tenants

Outstanding Support

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  • Easy to learn and use

How you can benefit

Property Portfolio Manager

large retail property owner and manager

A reliable sub-metering system enables us to monitor tenant usage in our centres and charge tenants accordingly, as well as equitably apportion usage in common areas across the tenancy base.

Chief Executive Officer

large government department

I need to be able to compare our portfolio of sites on a like for like basis to decide where best to invest to drive down energy costs and emissions.

Project Manager

large construction company

We want a higher NABERS rating so we can attract government tenants at a higher yield for long-term contracts

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